Connecting connections and the lot

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Oct 102009

Ok, so as probably alot of people have I had (past tence) the problem that I needed to update facebook/hyves/my blog/linkedin and twitter… that ain’t no fun. So you end up with updating the site with the handiest interface/most people you know on…

But since I’m a freak, I don’t want to loose whatever I have written somewhere. And be in control of what stands where etc etc.

It took surprisingly less effort then I estimated. About 15 minutes was all actually.
Posting on facebook will update: twitter, plaxo and this blog. This blog will update hyves and LinkedIn (if I tag it that way).
So it will always go through this blog and thus will be archived and at my discretion. Yeah…

If I post a post here it will be posted on my hyves. If I post on twitter, it will be posted as well on facebook. Facebook is so kind to post it towards this blog and

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