Weird day

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Sep 012010

It’s a weird day. Had a complex day at work. This afternoon a great conversation. I just returned from the condolence meeting of Joan and now there is still time to work at the car again.

What a day…

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Aug 252010

What a day… last night ended early this morning due to a great conversation with friends (I was in bed @ 01:30 Thx Fam Niehof!). @ 06:00 my youngest daughter woke us up because it is her birthday today. @ 10:00 my beloved Volvo went out with a big whoosh… The afternoon I was able to store the car in a save place (Made possible by Gait! Thx!). Quick back home to be there for the big bunch of friends/family who showed up for dinner. 20+ is a lot of PPP (patat, pizza & pannekoeken). Thx all!!!
Had a trip down memory lane tonight. Thx Coos! And now my light goes out. Twexit?

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